The Trustee

Kenneth P. Silverman, Esq., was appointed the interim chapter 7 trustee on February 12, 2009 in accordance with an Order of the Honorable Dorothy T. Eisenberg, United States Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of New York.

Mr. Silverman has served as a bankruptcy trustee for 20 years and sits on the panel of bankruptcy trustees in the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York.

The Trustee is charged with a fiduciary duty to represent the interests of the creditors of the bankruptcy estate.

Additionally, under Bankruptcy Code Section 704 the Trustee is charged with, among other things, the following duties:

  • collect and reduce to money the property of the estate for which such trustee serves, and close such estate as expeditiously as is compatible with the best interests of parties in interest
  • be accountable for all property received
  • investigate the financial affairs of the debtor
  • if a purpose would be served, examine proofs of claims and object to the allowance of any claim that is improper
  • unless the court orders otherwise, furnish such information concerning the estate and the estate's administration as is requested by a party in interest
  • make a final report and file a final account of the administration of the estate with the court and with the United States trustee